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29 April 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Sustain your investment.

The added wearability you get from professional cleaning is actually a benefit to the environment. Every extra use you get from a garment reduces your need to buy a new one, and keeps it out of the rag heap or landfill. Our gentle cleaning and laundry procedures add life and comfort to your wardrobe, preventing […]

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25 April 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Silk scarves

are always in style, and proper care will add years of life and wear. There’s nothing as luxurious as silk, or as delicate to clean. You can hand wash and press at home, but the experts recommend dry cleaning to avoid color loss, fabric damage or dye transfer, especially for crinkled (plissé) or brocades. To […]

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19 April 2015 ~ 0 Comments

How to thrift, part 1

Know your fit and know what can be successfully altered. Carpe item. In other words, grab it when you find it. Time your visits to take advantage of thrift store stocking schedules. Look for damage. Hold it up to natural light and check for spots, holes and stains. Then try it on to make triple […]

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17 April 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Thrifting, part 2

Know your brands and remember that big names like Givenchy license their name for low quality mass-market garments. Avoid synthetics in vintage clothing and just skip anything made in the third world. With few exceptions, there’s no reason to buy used clothing that was made to be low cost. Speaking of cost, use your smartphone […]

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10 April 2015 ~ 0 Comments

“A well-tied tie…

is the first serious step in life,” said poet Oscar Wilde, famous for “Living well is the best revenge.” Before your well-tied knot has a chance to help, be sure your tie is spotless. It’s another universal truth that the more expensive the tie, the more prone it is to stains from soup, café au lait, […]

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08 April 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Salt and slush.

For some of the lucky ones, that might be a margarita order.  For the rest of us, winter isn’t so kind. If you slogged through winter snowbanks or slushy curbs your cuffs, coats and hems picked up more than frosty dew. Urban winter brings a special mix of grime, salt, road dirt and grit that can […]

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04 April 2015 ~ 0 Comments

When is dry-cleaning the best choice?

When to throw it in the washer and when to give it to us? Convenience and quality aside, there are situations when dry cleaning simply is the best choice: Acetate, rayon or silk, leather or fur garments or trim, tricky to iron, structured or tailored with interfacing, specially finished, stiffened garments. The number one reason […]

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02 April 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Lose years and pounds with new secret cleaning process!

Don’t we all wish it wasn’t just April Fool’s! There’s nothing magical we can do to make you skinnier. We can do a lot to make sure you look your best in clothing that’s spotless and crisp. Our tailors alter and adjust fit and our finishers, crease, press and steam to bring fabrics to like-new […]

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