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26 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Laundry overload.

Summer laundry. Towels, sports clothes, tennis whites and gardening jeans — seems like summer laundry’s never done. Just don’t overload your washer and hope everything will come out clean. Crammed full, the machine can’t properly agitate, rinse and spin your clothes. Run a load overnight and hang it on the line in the morning. Or […]

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24 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Cold water savings.

Detergent chemists have come a long way since Fels Naptha and boiling water was the answer to dirty laundry. Most people still think hot or warm water gets clothes cleaner, but in fact all it does is add cost. Consumer Reports calculates you could save enough in energy costs to pay for 300 loads worth […]

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18 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Button, button.

Let us know if you have a loose button or a falling hem. Our staff will make repairs so you can keep wearing your favorites time and time again. Hemming a new pair of pants? Let us know if you want to keep the original hem. And don’t forget to call ahead for a fitting […]

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16 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Lemons in the laundry.

When life gives you lemons, there’s more than lemonade. The citric acid in lemon juice helps break down stains and brightens whites – instead of bleach, add a cup of lemon juice with your regular detergent. An old trick to remove rust stains still works better than chlorine. Moisten the rusty stain with lemon juice, […]

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11 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Summer travel.

Travel plans for summer, big or small? Use plastic dry cleaning bags like tissue paper when you pack. Tuck the bags between your folded clothes to reduce wrinkling. They’re great to wrap around shoes, too. We’re happy to package your garments for travel, folded and individually wrapped in plastic or paper, ready to slip into […]

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09 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Perfect linen.

Cool summer linen – let us know if you like your linen to stand up, a little starch goes a long way to create a crisp linen feel. Do you like the smooth soft feel instead? Our professional staff cleans and hand presses linen garments to maintain the structure but still soft and smooth to the […]

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03 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Happy Fourth of July.

Tomorrow we’re with our families and friends, celebrating our freedom, liberty and blessings. Happy Birthday America! Article source:

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01 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Hot dogged?

Yellow mustard is one of the toughest stains, so act fast if your sandwich squirts on you. Get it to us, pronto. Our stain experts will get the yellow spot out, and we never charge extra for regular stain removal. The sooner we get to work, the better your chance of stain removal. So celebrate […]

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