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26 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Closet cleanser.

Rainy summer day? Take an hour and clear some closet space with these tips from Real Simple. Start by pulling bad bridesmaid dresses, old Halloween costumes and anything that’s stained, torn or ill fitting. Gone are super low-rise jeans, painful shoes and every piece of outdated trends, starting with velour track suits. Do yourself proud […]

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24 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Oxford classics.

Menswear classic Oxford cloth shirts are the foundation of a quality wardrobe. Look for shirts made of quality fabric made with multi-twist yarn of long-staple cotton. Classic shirts have a center box pleat, 2.5 to 3” button-down collar, barrel cuffs and a 1.5” placket. When you find a good-fitting shirt that’s well constructed, buy a […]

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18 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Forget me not.

Summer’s a busy time, and the forgotten load of wash left in the machine can mildew quickly. Luckily, vinegar comes to the rescue (again). Run the load through again with a cup of white vinegar. If your machine smells funky, run it empty with hot water and two cups of white vinegar. It removes gunk […]

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14 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Sinking stains.

After any time aboard, you may bring home more than memories, even on the cleanest vessel. Rust stains are common wherever there’s water and metal. We use concentrated professional products, at home try Oxyclean or Wink on the spot. Mold and mildew are always found around water and can be removed from your sailing whites in […]

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11 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Sparkling sneakers.

White canvas shoes are perfect for summer – until they start looking beige. Here’s how to remove stains, thanks to How to Clean Stuff. Scrub away dirt stains with shampoo on a nail brush, wipe residue away with a damp sponge. Use dish soap on grass stains, and nail polish remover on grease or tar. […]

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05 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Clean sheets.

Sheets may get more comfortable after a week or two on the bed, but there are millions of reasons to throw them into the wash. The video “Ten Disgusting Things that Live in Your Bed” promises to get you changing the bed, pronto. For home laundering, hot water and line drying in the sunshine will […]

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03 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

The tiniest pocket.

Too small for a phone, too awkward for change, what’s the point of the smallest pocket on your jeans? According to a Quora forum thread, the pocket was added to the original Levi Strauss “waist coveralls” so cowboys would have a safe place to tuck their pocketwatches. Today, the vestigial watchpocket is loved by “denimheads” […]

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