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30 August 2019 ~ 0 Comments

Ketchup and mustard.

Delicious on a hot dog. Horrible on your shirt. Removing picnic stains promptly is the first remedy. Remove as much mustard or ketchup from the fabric, then rinse in cold water and blot with white vinegar. Pretreat with stain remover or diluted laundry detergent before laundering.  Or bring the whole mess to us. We’re ready to remove […]

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24 August 2019 ~ 0 Comments

Laundry room money savers.

Most loads in your washing machine can be effectively cleaned with cold water. The only time you really need to use hot water (or bleach) is for germ-killing sanitation on diapers or sickroom linens. Today’s detergents are formulated to work in warm or cold water, and heating water for laundry just adds onto your utility […]

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15 August 2019 ~ 0 Comments

“Washless” clothing?

Every time you wash a garment you shorten its life, and use water, energy and time. Now there are garments designed to be odor-resistant. Merino wool products promise days or weeks of no-wash wear. Adding anti-microbial nanosilver particles help prevent odor from bacteria that thrive on perspiration. No-wash clothing does come with a healthy price, […]

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03 August 2019 ~ 0 Comments

Clean swimwear.

Your bathing suit is made from very special fabrics, usually polyamide, spandex and lycra are used to add stretch and shape. But they’re not made to stand up to machine washing. The best way to wash swimwear is by hand, in lukewarm water, using natural hand soap.  Gently massage and squeeze out excess water (never wring) […]

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