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Time for plaid.

Back in the 1500’s, plaid patterns identified rival Scottish clans. Great Britain banned wearing plaid for the last half of the 18th century to punish for the Scots rebellion. By the time plaid made it across the Atlantic, it was adopted by cowboys, lumberjacks and, in the 90’s, grunge bands like Nirvana popularized the classic/cool patterns. Today, you can choose from classic manufacturers like Woolrich or Pendleton, St. Laurent or Ralph Lauren. You’ll find plaid patterns in classic cotton flannel, lightweight Oxford cloth or heavyweight wool flannel. Here’s the complete story on why every man needs a plaid shirt. And whatever plaid you choose, from Royal Stewart tartan to Buffalo check, we’ll keep it looking crisp, clean and fresh.

Article source: http://weeklytips.brightleafweb.com/?p=995

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